Notice to all 2021 /2022 Colleges of Education applicants -Be Informed

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2021/ 2022 colleges of education applicants are confused as to when admissions will be released. Many are those who have gone the extra mile to make inquiries about the above subject. This article is to enlighten applicants about the released date of admission.

Applicants are to note that all the forty-six public colleges of education follow the same procedures when it comes to admission processes. Therefore, admissions for all colleges of education are released within the same time or date.

However, prospective applicants are urged to note that the sales of application forms for the 46 public colleges of education are still in progress. According to theĀ Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF), 31st August 2021 is the deadline for all application processes for the 2021/ 2022 colleges of education. This, therefore, proves the fact that issuing of admissions to qualified applicants only commences when sales of applications forms are over. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THE 2021 COLLEGES OF EDUCATION


Admissions for the 2021 /2022 academic year began in November and this was due to the rising cases of the pandemic. But under normal circumstances, colleges of education admissions are always out in the month of September. Probably, all things being equal, admissions are likely to be out in the month of September as usual. WHAT TO DO WHEN ADMISSIONS ARE OUT-CLICK TO READ MOREā€¦