NTC GTLE/PORTFOLIO: What you need to know about its suspension and altered Dates

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NTC GTLE/PORTFOLIO: What you need to know about its suspension and altered Dates

The National Teaching Council on Friday, October 8, 2021, after extensive engagements with executives of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) decided to suspend the Portfolio Assessment for the 2020/2021 batch of NQTs who are about to complete their national service.

According to the council, only those with provisional licenses shall be recommended for recruitment and subsequently undergo portfolio development and assessment upon their recruitment as teachers. It must be emphasized that this suspension affects only 2020/2021 NQTs who are completing their national service in 2021.

The council has admonished that in its previous releases, it declared to all GTLE candidates that a learning portal will be opened by the National Teaching Council as part of the preparation for the writing of the Licensure Examination. According to the National Teaching Council, the portal is being worked on and will be opened from next week.

Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) candidates are urged to note that that the date for the writing of the Licensure Examination which was scheduled to take effect from Saturday, 23th October to Sunday 24th has been rescheduled to Monday 25th to Tuesday 26th October 2021 following a petition from the Adventist institution. GTLE candidates are urged to study or prepare adequately for the upcoming exams since recruitment is fully based on the writing of the licensure exams.

What the above information means is that any Newly Qualified Trained Teacher who is unable to pass the upcoming GTLE will have to undergo the NTC Portfolio Assessment next year before one can be employed by the Ghana Education Service(GES).