NTC Licencing Card Issuance: Ashanti Region Movement Plan

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NTC Licencing Card Issuance: Ashanti Region Movement Plan

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has released the movement plan and itinerary showing dates, centres, and MMDs for the Teacher license issuance in the Ashanti region today. Teachers in the various Metros, Municipals, and Districts are to make themselves available at the centres indicated in the schedule below.

According to the council, work starts at 8.00 am prompt each day. The various Directors of Education are to ensure that the List of teachers taking the licenses is made available at each centre. They are also to ensure the availability of Veronica buckets at all centres for hand washing. However, teachers are urged to come along with their documents to their respective centres.

Meanwhile, all teachers who have not yet received their licence numbers should go back to the portal and ensure that all their details have been entered correctly and accurately on the portal. Teachers have to ensure that they click “save” after they have entered their details before clicking on “Next” until they get to the final stage of registration on the portal. Moreover, teachers are to ensure they have uploaded all required documents appropriately i.e first appointment letter, First professional certificate, Gazette if the name on the certificate differs from what they keyed on the portal and any other relevant document required to be uploaded. Mostly, teachers are to ensure that names and other personal details are spelt correctly and accurately. Teachers in the Ashanti Region are to comply with the above to ensure a smooth exercise devoid of significant challenges. Also, all professional teachers who are yet to register on the portal to do so before the commencement date whiles ensuring compliance with the above. CLICK HERE TO UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION ON THE NTC PORTAL


Note that this exercise is only for PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS. Teachers are to note that If a teacher had his/her professional qualification certificate before 2018, he/she can register and upload the certificate together with other requisite documents on the portal. If a teacher had his/her certificates after September 1, 2018, he/she would have to write and pass the licensure exams and quote their Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination(GTLE) index number on the portal. The commencement date for licencing in the Ashanti region has been tentatively fixed for August 30, 2021. CHECK THE MOVEMENT PLAN BELOW: