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NTC Teacher Portal: How to activate your pending account

NTC Teacher Portal: How to Activate your pending account

As part of processes for teacher professionalization, the National Teaching Council (NTC) is issuing licenses to all qualified teachers in both public and private schools in Ghana. Teachers in some regions have already been issued with their license whereas others are yet to.


However, teachers who have not received their license but have their account pending with 100% have got to follow these steps in order to get their license numbers.

NTC Teacher Portal: How to activate your pending account with 100%


Individuals are to note that this procedure will only work for those who have reached the 100% mark. Follow the steps below;

  1. Open your email and click on Compose.
  2. Fill in with the following:
  3. To:
  4. Subject: Activation of Account
  5. At the compose area enter the following Details:

Please my account is still pending activation but the profile progress is 100%.


Below are my details:

Name: —————-


Staff ID: ————–

Email address: ———-



After this click on send, thus, the information is being sent to Persons are to note that it may take up to 5 working days to receive your LICENCE NUMBER VIA SMS AND YOUR EMAIL FROM NTC.



  1. Enoch Baah Boadu says:

    Please is the registration still going on

      1. MAXWELL FOYI says:

        I have not yet received my license number despite the fact that have requested for through an email as directed by NTC

        1. says:

          it will be generated for you when they get to your district

  2. Asare Pious says:

    This information was helpful

    1. says:

      when the ntc officials get your district, you will be given

  3. Why is it that an in-service teacher will have 95 percent incomplete because of gtle meanwhile the person have place her staff I’d several time and is still not complete because of the gtle

    1. says:

      if your professional certificate was awarded to you after 1st September, you will have to write the license kindly check on the date you provided in the first professional qualification field on your portal. thank you

  4. Rafia ibrahim says:

    I completed 2016 but was having refer, I got my certificate on 2019,but I got a message from NTc to go and write exams before I can get my account

    1. says:

      Yes, you must Write the exams before you can be qualified for the license because automatic license is for persons who obtained their first professional qualification (Certificate) before September 2018.

      If you had your certificate after the above mentioned date, you have to sit for the exam before you can be licensed.

      Thank you

  5. Abdul Latif Mohammed says:

    I want to know what happened to the N T C

  6. Please, what happens to a teacher who has lost his/her certificate.

    1. I entered GES in March 2016 with an HND certificate. I have completed B.ED. Basic at UEW. I was deducted Ghc100.00 from my Professional Development Allowance paid last year November 2020. My portal is 96% complete and keeps on asking for GTLE number? Am I suppose to pay and write licensure exams as an in-service teacher.

      1. My date of professional qualification from UEW is 10th August 2020. I am an in-service teacher. What should I do?

        1. says:

          you need to write the GTLE in order to be given the license.

          1. How? what about the Ghc100 deduction that was taken from my professional development allowance paid in 2020. Please find out for me because most of my colleague who are in service teacher non professional and are now having professional certificate from 2019 coming are confused?

          2. says:

            Hi Frank, that was the condition laid down by the NTC. Maybe in the near future, it may be overruled.
            thank You

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