NTC TPG: Here is how to get your ‘SSNIT Number/Staff ID already exist’ solved

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The National Teaching Council (NTC) has urged all Ghana Education Service staff to register on the Teacher Portal Ghana before 7th May 2021. Teachers who registered somewhere last year are requested to log in to their portal to update their details in order to attain 100% profile progress. Upon reaching the above percentage, your account will be pending activation as NTC will display a message in your portal. Successful registrants should note that the council will not send a message in a form of SMS upon successful completion. Individuals are to log in to their portal from time to time monitor their details. Therefore, email and password used in registering must be kept safe.

However, there are people who are finding it difficult to log in to their portal to update their details as being demanded by the NTC due to the circumstances that the email that was used previously has been forgotten. As a result, people create or try to use different email addresses to log in to their old teacher portal account or create a new account.

From educandghana’s observation, registrants facing the above problems are :

GES staff who visited the internet café for the registration to be done on their behalf;

Emails and passwords were created on behalf of some GES staff;

GES staff who have misplaced their login details; etc.

People who fall in any of the above-mentioned categories will certainly have issues with updating their details on the portal.

 It is key for registrants to note that the portal do not accept duplicated SSNIT and Staff IDs hence people finding it difficult to access their portal must follow the directives below

Well, affected persons are to follow the procedures below to get their problems solved


  1. Victims who have either forgotten their email or password should CLICK HERE
  2. If an email was created on your behalf during the registration, you are advised to go back to the internet café or contact the individual who did it on your behalf for the details.
  3. Persons whose SSNIT or STAFF IDs cannot be verified should CLICK HERE

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