‘One Teacher, One Laptop’: Distribution commences in these Districts

The Ghana Education Service (GES), Ministry of Education (MoE) in collaboration with the three Teacher Unions (GNAT, NAGRAT and the Coalition of Concern Teachers, Ghana (CCT-GH) have begun the distribution of the laptops to teachers under the ‘One Teacher, One Laptop initiative’.

The initiative was launched by the vice-President of the state, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia on the 3rd of September, 2021 to pave way for distribution. During the launch, the president indicated that the laptops are to `the vice president, the laptops are preloaded with educational materials and with access to an E-Library equipped with books recommended by the GES on the various subjects. The materials can be accessed whether online or offline.

He also disclosed that the State would take up 70% of the cost of the laptop, while the teacher makes up the difference. The laptop, however, becomes the personal property of the teacher and serves the benefit of providing a tool for developing the teacher’s professional and personal capacity.

More importantly, he disclosed that this shift to ICT-based teaching and learning has many benefits for both teachers and students, according to experts in education. With the curriculum materials already installed onto the laptops, the suggested lesson notes prepared by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) can be downloaded onto the laptops and used to end the burdensome task of writing lesson notes into notebooks.

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This would perfectly be in tandem with the fifth skill and competence under the new standards-based curriculum, the promotion of digital literacy.

The laptops would also help in the field of assessment. The filling of School-Based Assessment, report cards, cumulative records, and the building of learners’ individual portfolios would become easier if each teacher owns a laptop, he added.

It has been almost two weeks since the initiative was launched, teachers in some parts of the Northern Region have had their share of the cake. The distribution started with the senior high school teachers in the Mion District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Speaking to one of the beneficiaries in the district, he indicated that all teachers no matter their union affiliation was given the said laptop. He indicated that the official price of the machine was not made known to them despite the brouhaha surrounding the cost price of the laptop. The beneficiary furthermore revealed that the machines are very portable and easy to work with so teachers should embrace them.

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According to the said teacher, he revealed that distributing will begin with teachers at the basic level after the distribution is done with the SHS teachers. He also indicated that it is untrue that teachers have to dial a code to register before the laptops are given to them and therefore urged colleague teachers to desist from dialing any shortcode.

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