One Teacher, One Laptop: Distribution Plan for Schools and Registration

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One Teacher, One Laptop: Distribution Plan for Schools and Registration Process

The plan for the distribution of laptops to teachers under the ‘one teacher, one laptop’ initiative has been released after deductions were effected.

According to information gathered, teacher unions in collaboration with the parties involved agreed that the total quantity of 280,000 laptops shall be Four Hundred and Thirty-Four Million Ghana Cedis (GHS 434,000,000) at a unit cost of one thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GHS 1,550) including all applicable taxes.

This means that the supplying company (KA Technologies) currently has only 280,000 laptops in their possession which are ready for distribution. According to the company, it will supply 280,000 pieces of customized laptops to the teacher unions for its members in three equal terms within 12 months period.


It will be recalled that the whole distribution process of laptops to teachers started from the senior high schools in the country. We can confirm that the distribution is still ongoing in some SHSs. However, there is a new development about the distribution process.

Teachers who have not received their laptops yet are urged to take note of the procedures involved to keep the distribution process smooth.

The laptops are currently available in the various regional education offices awaiting distribution.  These are the directives to be followed;

  • District GES directors requested to go to the regional education offices to pick them up.
  • A four-member team made up of District ICT coordinator, headmaster/headteacher, KAT Representative and District store officer.
  • Distribution will be done according to the schedule provided by the Headquarters.
  • Distribution will be done on school basis and only the four-member team will do the distribution.
  • All teachers will generate their codes with their staff IDs before their laptops. Teachers will be assisted by a KAT Representative at the collection point.
  • Laptops will not be handed over to headmaster/headteacher to distribute.