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1T1L: Only 75 teachers received the laptops out of 95 at Begro PRESEC

One Teacher, One Laptop: Only 75 teachers received the laptops out of 95 at Begro PRESEC

Only 75 teachers at Begro Presby Senior High School (PRESEC) in the Fanteakwa North District have received their laptops under the one teacher, one laptop, initiative out of 95 teachers.


Information gathered by Educandghana reveals that during the distribution process, the number of teachers outnumbered the laptops available.

A teacher in the school who interacted under anonymously with Educand Ghana indicated that 20 teachers did not have the laptops due to the shortage and therefore questioned whether those teachers’ professional allowance will still be deducted to cater for the cost of the laptop or not.


” I want to know if you did not get the laptop will they still deduct your money because in my school we are 95 Teachers but only 75 laptops came for distribution 20 Teachers did not get the laptop will those 20 Teachers be deducted ?” the affected teacher asked.

In a previous article published by Educandghana revealed that the there are only 280,000 pieces of laptops available for distribution. This was a letter issued by the Director General of GES, Prof Kwasi Opoku Amankwa, and directed to the Ghana Education Service Occupation Pension Scheme (GESOPS).


According to the letter, an amount of GHS 509.00 will be deducted from the Teachers Professional Allowance to cater for the 30% percent cost of laptops under the one teacher, one laptop initiative.

The GES has directed GESOPS to open a profit-yielding escrow account where monies deducted will be saved.


This means that monies will be deducted from each teacher’s professional development allowance whether the laptop is received or not. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Is it true that the laptops are not up to the expected number?
Does mean not every teacher will get the laptop under the one teacher, one laptop initiative?


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