PHC 2021: Engagement of some field officers to be terminated-Check Reasons

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Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has hinted that engagement with some field officers will be terminated. According to the Management of the GSS, it has come to their attention that there are instances of Enumerators violating the laid down enumeration procedures. These include the use of paper questionnaires and notebooks for enumeration instead of tablets, shortening of interviews by skipping questions and modules such as the economic activity, asking additional questions, not in the questionnaire, and deliberate reporting of occupied housing units as vacant..

To that end, the service has therefore outlined measures to be taken by the various supervisors in order to curtail the anomaly.


  1. Any Field Officer caught violating the enumeration procedures outlined in the Field Officer’s Manual will face sanctions which include immediate termination of engagement.
  2. Supervisors are reminded that they are required to be in the field fulltime for effective supervision. The responsibilities of the Supervisor which require being physically present in the field include ensuring all structures are listed and all persons enumerated, reviewing the work of Enumerators, assisting Enumerators to address the challenges they may encounter during enumeration, and conducting re-interviews. The successful execution of these tasks will ensure that there is complete coverage and accurate data. Supervisors will be held responsible for any gaps in coverage and data errors identified within their Supervisory Areas.
  3. Supervisors are to ensure that all households that were listed within their Supervisory Areas are enumerated. One of the markers for clearance will be the complete coverage of households within the SA.
    a. Supervisors are to ensure that all households identified during listing are enumerated.
    b. In instances where structures occupied during listing are reported as vacant during enumeration, Supervisors are to verify that this is indeed the case.
  4. Data must be synced daily to server. Enumerators must sync both to the Supervisor via Bluetooth and directly to the server. All Supervisors are to ensure that the Enumerators they are working are doing both. Supervisors are also to confirm each time that Enumerators sync with them that all the data on the tablet are transferred and note down the number of cases on the tablet and the number synced.
  1. Management reiterates the importance of the conduct of re-interviews which are included as deliverables for Supervisors. The re-interviews are to be used for purposes of identifying and correcting errors. Supervisors are also reminded to plan and systematically conduct regularly scheduled spot checks paying particular attention to Enumerators working in difficult areas or those making a relatively high number of errors compared to others in the SA.
  2. Supervisors are urged to continue to boost publicity in their SAs particularly using community information centres, gong beaters, and opinion leaders to sensitise on the census and its importance and to encourage community members to call the census call centre to report if they have not been counted. Remember an effective public education campaign will facilitate the work of Enumerators within the SA.