PHC 2021: GES and GSS must collaborate to do the needful [Opinion]

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The 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) activities had begun with ongoing activities. Interviewing of shortlisted field Officers is currently ongoing across various districts across Ghana.

The Ghana Education Service has not come clear on the issue of teacher’s participation in the 2021 PHC. Due to this circumstance, shortlisted teachers are in a state of dilemma.

GES recently debunked a press statement that sought to give GES staff the green light to participate in the PHC activities as field officers. According to information gathered by, about 95% of individuals who applied for the exercise are GES staff mainly classroom teachers. It will interest readers to know that the ongoing interview of field officers in the various districts and municipalities are officers from the various directorates of education.

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) CANNOT chop successful (reliable, valid, credible) census results without the immense input from teachers. Teachers’ contribution towards successful national assignments is a clear, inevitable, and indisputable fact.

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However, from the foregoing, thus regarding teacher’s inclusion or exclusion in this 2021 PHC, if it’s really true that some districts are going with teachers and others without teachers, then deductions are that:

  1. There has not been consultation and consensus reached between GSS & GES on the matter
  2.  District Census Officers (DCOs), or should I say, GSS, are indecisive and being subjective on the matter, due to the lack of consensus, and also because GES has not given the green light.

I personally hold a school of thought that, GES cannot or should not issue a circular, mandating teachers to get involved in PHC. That would mean teachers abandoning the class(es) and teaching schedules totally.

But that, GES should not also prevent any who opts to get involved in the PHC. A teacher who has decided to part-take in the PHC (or any other side-work) surely has a roadmap to it. Of course, this isn’t the first time teachers are getting involved in a national assignment.

Let me come clear that, any country which has, or intends to downplay the intelligence and role of teachers, is headed for trouble. No two ways about this.

I, personally, would advise that these two government agencies collaborate and do the needful. They’re two children of the same parents, why should they be divided on a matter of this significance?

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