Prisons Service Officers Salary In Ghana -2022

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Prisons Service Officers’ Salary In Ghana -2022

Here is the amount received as salary by officers in the Ghana Prisons Service in 2022/2023.

The Ghana Prisons Service (GPS) is part of the services under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior that are supposed to protect the country. The service ensures that inmates are safe in the various prisons. They also ensure that the welfare of their prisoners is given the needed attention.

Some prison officers make sure that there is a complete reformation of prisoners before they complete their time in prison.

How long does it take to become a prison officer in Ghana?

The training session takes approximately 12 weeks in all for an individual to fully become a prisons officer.


Any individual can become a prison officer so long as they are Ghanaians and can communicate a little bit in the English language. What you need is to have a good record of good behaviour, be physically fit by the prison service standards, and be between the ages of 21 and 32/35. These are the basic requirements for prison officers.

In the service, just like any other service, officers are paid depending on their ranks or experience. Every service is made up of a body that heads the service and gives command from above to the bottom.

The Director-General of Prisons is the highest rank one can get. To identify one, the rank insignia of the Director-General of Prisons has four symbols and a lapel badge. Since the Director-General of prisons is the highest, he will take the greatest salary.

Ranks In the Ghana Prisons Service

  • Officer cadet
  • Assistant Superintendent of prisons
  •  Deputy Supt. Of Prisons
  • Superintendent of prisons
  • Chief superintendent of prisons
  • Assistant Director of Prisons
  • Deputy Director of Prisons
  • Director of Prisons
  • Deputy Director-General of Prisons
  • Director-General of Prisons

Below is the Junior Officer Ranks

This set of officers are directly from recruit and after completing this session, they are then promoted into the other ranks.

  • 2nd class Officer
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Assistant Chief Officer
  • Chief Officer
  • Senior Chief Officer

How much is Ghana Prison Service Salary in 2022?

Prison Officers typically earn around 2,280 GHS per month. The salaries, however, range from 1,210 GHS per month which is the lowest to 3,470 GHS which is the highest. Salaries come depending on the rank and the experience one has had in the service. Officers who have experienced more years will most definitely receive greater than those who have done less.

Therefore, a prions officer who has been in the service less than two years will earn about 1,390 GHS per month. Whereas someone with a higher experience like two up to five years will about 1,710 GHS.

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