Purported 2022 PDA Deduction: Massive Reactions From GNAT and Teachers

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Purported 2022 PDA Deduction: Massive Reactions From GNAT and Teachers

The management of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has reacted to the purported news circulating about the possible deductions that will be made from the 2022 Professional Development Allowance (PDA).

According to unverified information attributed to Rev. Isaac Owusu, the GNAT National President, the statement about PDA deduction in 2022 that is being spread across various social media platforms is fake and should be handled with the utmost contempt.

“There is a purported claim being circulated on social media platforms that the teacher unions are planning to deduct an amount of GHS 295 to GHS430 from this year’s professional allowance for the purchase of modem and TLMs for teachers”, the president stated.

Meanwhile, the information shared indicates that it is not the responsibility of teacher unions to purchase TLMs for teachers hence the claim should be disregarded.

However, teachers in the country have set social media ablaze following the purported news to deduct the 2022 PDA which will be paid in November.

Reactions monitored and sighted by EducandGhana Network reveal that teachers are not happy with the decision although the unions have declared their stands on the news item being circulated.

Educandghana.net has shared some of the reactions of teachers across the length and breadth of Ghana below:

“Do you know that the teacher Unions and GES are not truthful? They will intentionally leak information to test our reaction . It seems to be a claim but it can also be true. There is an iota of truth in every rumor.
If you have noticed recently concerning the COLA, the GNAT General secretary gave a message that the COLA only for August will be paid, meaning that that of July will be added to the subsequent month, which we presume to be September. But we received that in July and August.
This means they will just throw information to see our
reaction, on and based on it they react.
Again the GNAT secretary sent information that the teachers who have had lower rank promotions will be adjusted to their right scale in August. but did it happen? Maybe few had their promotion but the vast majority did not. So these people are very cunning in their dealing so we ought to be careful in defending them”

“That is what they should be doing. To ensure the welfare of their members. Aren’t they paid for such duties? They’re paid from our dues but they’re even richer than us. Let’s call a spade a spade, would you have purchased that TM1 laptop with the said amount in hand? They procure some of these stuff for us simply because they make millions of them and not your welfare. They should be negotiating for other allowances for teachers and stop this laptop and modern brouhaha” These days, they test the waters using social media platforms. If the reaction is cool, trust me they will go ahead. Sometimes you need to be venomous to achieve what you want

Has every teacher gotten that inferior laptop? They should let us know the educational materials that were put on the laptops You are claiming you fought for us to get 15% COLA. That 15% COLA was for all workers but not teachers alone. Just calculate 15% percent of your salary and that of a nurse and see whether you benefited. Please, times are hard this year, hence 15% COLA. Don’t deduct any money from our PDA. You people cheated us on the price of TM1 laptops so be careful this time round. How much is HP laptops in high quantities? Please, we are teachers, and let’s talk and do more research on issues. We should dance to the tune of leaders’ songs

“The question is, “Does the allowance belong to us and them? Why should they have ithe nterest to set and budget something that doesn’t belong to them? Do they consult the members at all? We’re the beneficiary and we own the allowance, why don’t we have a say in anything they want to use our allowance for? This is our exact problem as Blacks and for that matter as Africa, a continent where leaders override their people and because of certain reasons no one talks honestly of them.

If that’s the case, they should remove it from our payslip, cancel it, and utilize it anyway they see fit without referring to it as a teaching allowance. This is unlawful and against the constitution.
PDA for teachers is no different from any other allowance given to other industries because an allowance is an allowance.
They are there trying to eat from the one PDA instead of battling for recommended allowances like the kilometric allowance, maintenance allowance, risks allowance, extra responsibilities allowance, annoyance allowance, and many more to be introduced. Please suggest further words I may use to describe the leaders. I’ll also include selfishness and greed.
Before they go and do what they did last year, let’s send them a clear message”

“When we should unite and fight for what is best for us as trainers of all professions, why are we continually protecting the rot? When WiFi devices are available on the market, modems are no longer necessary. In addition, what differences were between the laptop’s actual specifications and those that were included in the contract? Half of the parameters outlined in the contract were included in the laptop. Do you expect us to be happy with you if you are being paid with our dues and you behave in this way? The way some of us are acting on this platform provides sufficient justification for the teaching profession to be eliminated”

“Because it is practiced and taught in Ghana, where it has a significant impact, insult is unavoidable. These days, that’s what people listen to, and if they want us to, we’ll speak their language.
Like some of us here, you are not strangers in Ghana. Perhaps you have professional experience worse than mine. If my claim is accurate, you are responsible for some professional events as a result of your patience and tolerance for the corrupt and unacceptable behavior that the leaders engage in. They owe it to us to act in our best interests. They should start speaking in our language, not the language of politicians, if they don’t want those comments to be used against them”

“If what’s circulating on the various social media platforms tends to be true, then our leaders don’t think about the welfare of it members”

Where were you when the then-minister of education declared that our Union leaders were behind the agenda? So who actually purchased them for teachers if they went to the government with such a proposal? Have you informed anyone that you require a laptop?
Please don’t allow anyone has a peek at this, Masa. Everything we are discussing here is for our own benefit. I occasionally find it difficult to comprehend why some individuals fight for those who need to be defended while supporting or encouraging others who need to be encouraged.
Our method of problem-solving affects both our integrity and respect.

If we approach it with a single voice, we all benefit from it; if not, we all suffer the effects of our division. Everyone respects union leaders, but one of the main rivals for leadership is criticism.
Overall, just as they will be praised for a job well done, so too will they be criticized and crucified when they do something unclear and provoking