Quick Notice: NTC Licensing, Activation of TPG Accounts in Process

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Quick Notice: NTC Licensing, Activation of TPG Accounts in Process

The Ghana National Teaching Council NTC has commenced the activation process of TPG accounts of registrants.

Information gathered by Educandghana.net reveals that the council has started issuing license numbers electronically to teachers who have met the basic requirements. Mails are being sent out on a daily basis with the license numbers embedded to the staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

In-service teachers who registered for license numbers but have not yet received theirs are urged to be patient since messages or emails are delivered on a daily basis to a different batch of people.

However, persons who registered on the same day from the same management unit should start to question themselves if other colleagues have received their numbers leaving them.

“Hello Takyi Kodua,

Your TPG teacher account has been reviewed and successfully activated.

Please find attached to this email, a copy of your provisional license.

Your license number is PT/022394/2016″ is the message each teacher should be expecting.

To receive a similar NTC TPG accounts activation message above, teachers must login to their NTC portal and make sure the account is at 100% status awaiting activation.

Make sure the details provided tally with your documents uploaded onto the portal. Registrants are also to note that the day of first professional qualification must be relooked at if the system requests a GTLE number.

Teachers are urged to note that a GTLE number is only required if the first professional qualification was obtained after you received your first professional qualification before September 1, 2018.

Therefore, if one obtained his or her first professional certificate in 2016 and the system is requesting a GTLE number, the first professional qualification date must be entered correctly. Also, teachers are to ensure that the email they used during the registration is active. Follow this guide.