Students of the above-mentioned program under the University of Cape Coast have called on the management of the university to consider reducing fees to be paid for the second semester.

Discussions monitored by Educandghana.net on various platforms indicate that students are to pay an amount of GH1,800 as second-semester fees. With reference to the first-semester program, students paid a sum of GH2,000 for 5-6 stay on campus. Meanwhile, arrangements that were made by the institute were not fulfilled.

However, the second semester with the combination of all activities takes 5 weeks for its completion. As a result of the breach of the agreement between students of the said program and the head of the institution.  Students have therefore expressed much disappointment in the authorities as the online lectures were a big-time failure on the side of UCC.

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Students from all campuses through their various Student Representative Council, Heads of various colleges to the head of the University of Cape Coast are therefore calling on the university to reduce the second-semester fees to prevent deferment by students.

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