Research allowance: Basic School teachers also deserve it, check Reasons

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Research allowance: Basic School teachers also deserve it, check Reasons

The Informed Teachers Network has argued that teachers at the basic level also deserve research allowance. According to the teachers’ network, due to how complicated the new curriculum is, much time must be spent on researching and gathering information before delivery in the classroom.
The Teachers’ Network proved that basic school teachers actually deserve research allowances by stipulating the facts below:

  1. To fully achieve all the core competencies, we need contents beyond what is in the curriculum and supplied texbooks. Our schools don’t have libraries for supplementary materials. Teachers look for contents on the internet, place calls or buy materials on the market. All theses comes with financial and time commitment.
  2. Our lesson activities require that we show videos, documentaries, pictures and audio which didn’t come with the curriculum. To be able to do this, we need computers, data and projectors. We have to also run photocopies and printouts of pictures. All these are not free.

Let’s look at the video side alone;
To download a video for one lesson, you have to watch many videos before selecting the one appropriate for your lesson. Let’s say you want to do as the curriculum says. Imagine you have six lessons in a day and on average, you have to show video for two lessons per day out of the six. That will make about ten videos a week.

Who is paying for the device and its maintenance? Who pays for the internet data? Who pays for the materials we buy on the market? Who pays for the photocopies and printouts? The teacher’s salary is woefully inadequate to be used for these. Basic school teachers deserve a research allowance. DO YOU AGREE OR NOT?. LET’S KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS BY LEAVING YOUR COMMENTS BELOW.

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