SAD: Addaekrom D/A KG & Primary school calls for assistance from NGOs & Philanthropists [+Pictures]

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The teachers and Community members of Addaekrom D/A KG & Primary have called on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and philanthropists to come to the aid of the school.

Addaekrom D/A KG & Primary is one of the few schools located on the islands of Afram Plains North District in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Addaekope to be precise. The people in the community are predominantly fishermen and farmers.

Addaekrom D/A KG & Primary

A teacher who spoke unanimously to revealed that although the pupils in the area are covered by the Free Compulsory Basic Education but lack basic teaching and learning amenities and called for support.

“The school would be happy to receive some assistance from NGOs or Philanthropists to ensure that children in these deprived areas get access to Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE)”, he stated.

He also indicated that for the previous years, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has done a yeoman’s job by posting professional teachers to the area.

“The GES has done so well in recent years to post trained teachers to these places, the community has also been doing their best to ensure that teachers posted to this place live comfortably. They have put up a teachers’ bungalow to accommodate these teachers. Teachers posted to this school are also doing their best to ensure that the kids enjoy similar privileges enjoyed by kids in the urban areas”, he admitted.

Addaekrom D/A KG & Primary

The teacher however expressed his disappointment about the dilapidated nature of the structure and called on NGOs and philanthropists to come to the aid of the school.

“The school has been in existence since the late ’80s, but there has not been any better renovation in the school structure. One special thing about the school is that some learners cross from other islands to attend school over here. Others also walk for about 45min to a 1-hour journey just to get access to the nearest school.
We’re therefore calling on the general public, NGOs, and Philanthropists to help us put up a very nice school building to replace our 3 classroom block for kids in Kindergarten up to Class Six (6)”

Pupils of Addaekrom D/A KG & Primary

He also reiterated that the community is not connected to the National Grid hence there is no electricity in the community and pleaded with all persons and organizations to if possible provide a solar panel to help initiate the learning of ICT in the school.

“If by God’s Grace and an organization or a Philanthropist provides the school with the solar panel we will be glad possible because the community is not connected to the national grid. This will enable the kids to equally be abreast with the use of ICT tools even as our education system takes a new twist at infusing ICT in teaching and learning”, he stated.

He however believed that when stationeries are made accessible to the pupils, they can excel and excel much better and therefore called on individuals, cooperate bodies to come to their aid.

“Some of the students, we believe, would perform better if they are provided with the necessary school stationeries. We therefore plead with the general public, NGOs and Philanthropists to help provide these kids with any form of school stationeries like exercise books, pencils, pens, erasers or any other thing which will help these kids get motivated to learn in the environment they find themselves” he added.

Anyone willing to help can kindly Call or WhatsApp +233550429800 /+233272756530 or better still contact the school via email at