Salary and Allowance Entry Dates for Public Sector Workers in Ghana |2022|23

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Salary and Allowance Entry Dates for Public Sector Workers in Ghana |2022|23

Here are the dates for salary and allowance entries for public sector workers in Ghana for the 2022/2023 year. This, however, comes after the Controller and Accountant Generals’ Department (CAGD) released the dates for payments of all public sector workers in the country.

Aside from the salary entries, an allowance known as the cost of living allowance (COLA) is included in the entries. The COLA according to the agreement between the government and the labour unions will end in the month of December 2022 and this will pave way for negotiations for the 2023 minimum wage to take effect.

According to information made available to EducandGhana Network, the technical committee will be submitting their report to the tripartite committee hopefully in September 2022.

However, it is important for public sector workers and the general public to note that the salary increment percentage for the year 2023 isn’t out yet, but the various organized labour unions are ready to stand against anything below average. This, one of the most powerful labour unions reiterated.

Salary and Allowance Entry Dates for Public Sector Workers in Ghana

The Controller and Accountant General Department typically makes salary entries for new months between the 29th of the previous month and the 5th of that current month. For example, September salary entries will start on August 29 and run through September 5.

Will the 2023 salary percentage increment be lower than COLA in 2023 salary negotiations??

It is likely that the 2023 salary percentage increment will be lower than the COLA. When discussing the minimum wage or salary increase for a given period, inflation is one important thing to keep in mind.

The majority of government employees anticipate a percentage increase over the COLA they received because it is frequently claimed that when prices rise, everything becomes more valuable except for money. But in the coming days, the technical team will deliver its report to the tripartite committee on the minimum wage for 2023.

According to the technical committee’s report, the current inflation rate, which is 31.7%, will drop to 25–28% early the following month. and will drop to 8.0% in 2023. ( according to the bank of Ghana). Therefore, the 8.0% inflation rate MUST be used in all agreements.

If we extrapolate the technical team’s report, which the tripartite committee will formally accept, and/or if we carefully evaluate the illusory and unreachable 8.0% rate in 2023, then the most percentage the government will accept to pay employees won’t surpass 15%. I’m hoping that the unions, including GMA, will push valiantly for a better solution.

Salary and Allowance Entry Dates for Public Sector Workers in Ghana |2022|23