Salary Grade Difference in GES-Diploma/Degree/Masters Certificate

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Salary Grade Difference in GES-Diploma/Degree/Masters Certificate

There are growing discrepancies of opinions when it comes to the issue of a salary grade difference in the Ghana Education Service (GES) in relation to the professional certificate one holds in the service.

In one of our previous posts, we looked at the salaries attached to the various GES ranks. This article will elaborate on the salary grade difference in GES in terms of the certificate one holds or upgrade him/herself with.

This simply means that we will throw light on the number of monies added to a GES staff salary after upgrading.

What is GES Upgrading?

It simply means a situation where a staff of GES applies for a higher rank after attaining higher professional certificates or qualifications or after gaining some experience in the teaching field.

Most GES staff in the teaching fraternity apply for higher ranks after they return from further studies either via distance, sandwich, or regular mode.

The policy of the Ghana Education Service (GES) does not imply that employees would automatically advance up the organizational ladder or hierarchy. It indicates that once an employee is hired, they are expected to contribute significantly to the organization’s aims and objectives through assisting in the resolution of organizational difficulties.

Experience and knowledge gained on the job, qualification, leadership skills, can-do ability, good interpersonal relations, commitment to deliver/hard work, and punctuality are among the attributes or factors to be considered in staff promotion, but not job enrichment, job enlargement, whom you know, who knows you, and friendship, among others.

What is the Salary Grade Difference in GES Considering Certificates?

In GES, the staff is paid according to ranks. This means that if a diploma holder is at the Principal Superintendent and a degree holder is also at the same rank of the same grade point, then they both earn the same salary.

However, it is important to note that the entry salary difference between a diploma and degree holder in the service is approximately GHS 500.00. The entry rank for diploma holders is Senior Superintendent II with salary level 14 Point 1. The rank for a person who holds a degree certificate is Principal Superintendent with salary level 16 point 1.

Moreover, if a diploma teacher is at senior superintendent I with salary level 15 point 5, and a degree teacher at principal superintendent with salary level 16 point I, the salary difference will be less than GHS200.00 though one is a degree holder and the other is a diploma holder.

Is Masters Degree Certificate rendered all that useless in GES?

No, it is not. Let’s clear the doubts of individuals who think acquiring a master’s degree certificate in GES does not make any significant difference in terms of salary grade.

The reason why it is not a waste of time to acquire a master’s certificate in GES is that it may open opportunities to holders to occupy administrative positions which also merits allowances.

Persons can rise to occupy positions such as District/Regional Director, District/regional HR, IPPD coordinator, and others.

Kindly note that this does not only apply to the Ghana Education Service alone but other sectors too

What is the Salary Grade Difference of a Master’s Degree Holder in GES?

People who offer their master’s program in line with their first degree up to MPhil and get the opportunity to teach at any college of education will not receive less than GHS3,500 as a monthly salary. This salary is approximate to that of a deputy director in GES.

Additionally, the person will rise through ranks which comes with additional increments. Allowances such as book and research allowances are paid as well.

It is therefore advantageous for teachers to climb the academic ladder now, especially now that the college of education tutoring is left for only those from basic and secondary school with MPhil in education.

NOTE: The figures on this page are only intended to be used as a guideline. Workers’ salaries vary depending on a range of factors.