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Salary of a degree teacher in Ghana-New Scale

Salary of a degree teacher in Ghana

The monthly salary of a degree teacher in Ghana is GHS1,987.678.

The above salary of a degree teacher is the initial salary of a newly recruited member of staff in the GES.


As time goes on, their steps or points increase with a corresponding money addition.

The salary, however, may differ due to differences in salary steps and points.


The degree teacher is put on the Principal Superintendent (PS) rank as an entry rank in GES.

The number of years spent in each rank determines the actual salary of a degree teacher.


As discussed above, the salary of a degree teacher in Ghana ranges from GHS 1,987.678 (Minimum) to GHS 2,400 (Maximum).

Salaries may differ with the same certificate due to differences in the number of years served by an individual.


The annual gross salary of a degree teacher is GHS23,852.14.

Who pays teachers’ salaries in Ghana?

The salaries of teachers in Ghana are paid by the Ministry of Education (Government) through the Controller And Accountant General’s Department (CAGD). Salaries are paid every month upon validating every member in their respective management unit.


What is the Salary of a Primary School Teacher in Ghana?

The salary of the primary school teacher in Ghana will depend on the certificate and the rank of the individual. A primary school teacher who holds a diploma certificate as a professional qualification salary ranges from GHS1,569.83 (Lowest) to GHS1,800 (Highest) in Ghana.

However, a primary school teacher with a degree certificate salary ranges from GHS1,987.678 (Minimum) to GHS 2,400 (Maximum).


Salary of the SHS teacher in Ghana

The salary of the SHS teacher in Ghana ranges from GHS1,9887.678 (Lowest) to GHS2,800 (Highest). This is the initial salary for a newly recruited teacher is GHS1,9887.678. The salary increases as years pass by. The steps increases as well.


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