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Salary of a Government Teacher in South Africa (SA)

The average salary of a government school teacher in South Africa is R21 510 per month.
The annual gross salary is R 258 060, which is considered to be lower than the national average salary.

Salary Range of a Government Teacher in SA

The salary range of a government teacher in South Africa (SA) starts from R 182 500 (Minimum) to R 618 000 (Maximum). Check out the range below;

  • R 182 500-Lowest
  • R 258 060-Average
  • R 367 515-Experience
  • R 618 000-High

However, teachers in private schools in SA tend to receive the lowest salary payments. The case of special needs teachers is not different.

Meanwhile, the most qualified, experienced, and professional teachers in public schools tend to receive the highest salaries. This applies to teachers who form part of school management teams and Heads of Departments.

The entry-level of a teacher in South Africa is highly considered when it comes to salary matters. A teacher with less than 3 years of experience in the teaching field earns a gross monthly salary of R16 000.

A teacher with experience of 4-9 years earns an average salary of R20 000, whereas a teacher with 10-20 years of experience makes an average salary of R30 000. However, a teacher with 20 years of experience earns more than R 40 000 every month.