School-Community Relationship- the basic developmental tool of schools

school-Community Relationship- the basic developmental tool of schools

Studying or defining the people of a particular community must be a basic administrative task for every school administrator. the kind of community he is dealing with.
The headmaster or headteacher is considered to be the administrator of the school must find out whether the community can be described as rural, poor, or urban. This can be observed or ascertain through population census data, personnel observation, occupational practices, norms, and beliefs of the community where the school is situated.

To enable the school to formulate educational policies, goals, and strategies for the education of the pupils or students, this observation or findings must be done in order to accurate results. This, therefore, enhance the functionality of the students since education will be tailored in a way to suit the aspirations of the students and the community.

One vital objective or aim of education is to equip learners with knowledge and skills that will make them useful members of society, more likely to their towns and villages. This can only happen when the headteacher or headmaster of the school has monitored the problems, needs, and aspirations of the community or town. In the long run, what the students need to be endowed with is knowledge and skills that will enable them to transform or make changes in their communities by practicing what they have been taught or learned from school?

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The following are the reasons why headmasters or headteachers must regard school-community relationship;

• To show some sense of respect to the values, norms, ideas and beliefs of the community.
• Change in the school Programmes: The community and the school have to relate very well to enable the parents to be informed and as result take a stand when advising their wards.
• The need for correct information about the school: there are wrong perceptions members have for teachers and schools and to correct the wrong notion about your school as head of a school, you have to help by educating and giving the right interpretations to help correct the wrong notions.
• Financial support: Schools that develop to meets their academic targets, the community have to give a helping hand in terms of finances. For the members to be willing to pay more to support the school, they have to know how the funds are been utilized.
• The need for proper child development: The proper upbringing of the child is not only a party responsibility but a collective responsibility of both the home and the school hence the need for the school and the home to effectively collaborate
• Other vested interests in the community: The school must work with agencies of change such as the home and churches which have a great impact on the child’s behaviour. This will help in the shaping of the behaviour of students

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It is the responsibility of the headteacher or headmaster to develop means of keeping in touch with the community informed about the school’s development.
It should be part of his/her responsibility to find out what information to disseminate to the people.

The headteachers/headmasters must inform the community about every new educational policy, changes in the curriculum, guidance and counselling service provided in the school, and many others. Further developments in the teaching fraternity or educational system must be explained to the members of the community to enable them to understand. The administer of the school should exhibit leadership skills by getting him/herself involved in community affairs. This will help build trust between the head and the community. However, information about the school can be communicated through Parent Teacher Associations, reports, school magazines TV, Radio, etc
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