Simple ways to Build CPD Points as Part of License Renewal For Teachers

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Building CPD points as part of license renewal for teachers is one of the easiest things every teacher should be able to do. CPD Programme is mandatory for trained and untrained Teachers or licensed and unlicensed teachers to attend at the end of each month. Primary teachers need to attend CPD three times in a term. JHS Teachers need to attend CPD six times in a semester.

The number of Certificates acquired in a semester or term from the CPDs determines the credit points you accumulated. Credit points are made from the CPDs you attended and they enable the licensed Teachers to renew their license and also give unlicensed teachers the right to remain in the teaching profession. CDPs enable Teachers to upgrade their skills and must be attended by all teachers

The National Council of Private School Teachers is calling on all schools to Register for their teachers to take CPDs to help grow the school and also gain knowledge to help the students in diverse ways

Contents of the CPDs for the term or semester

A. First month
The use of ICT/Internet in teaching/learning, research, communication, create an email account, create an account on NTC Website (portfolio), etc

B. Second month
Logging into your Portfolio on the NTC Website, recording credit points, uploading files, etc. Learning about the services on NTC Website e.g. Registration for Licensure Examination, Registration of permanent teacher License, accessing logbook, etc
C. Third month
Learning about Subject-specific and Teacher Professionalism.
General knowledge about the Ministry of Education and its functions, agencies, and roles.
Learning about Education Act

Easy Ways To Build Points as Part of License Renewal For Teachers.

  1. Prepare a scheme of learning at the beginning of the term and get a point.
  2. Prepare lesson plans for the term and get a point.
  3. Attend at least 8 Professional Learning Community(PLC) meetings in the term and get a point.
  4. Participate in Continuous Professional Development Day (CPDD) and get a point.
  5. Organize quizzes for your students and get a point.
  6. Participate actively in sports, culture, March past, and get a point.
  7. Attend circuit-based or Districts organized and registered workshops and get a point.
  8. Read a journal and use the knowledge to deliver, get evidence of progress and get a point.
  9. Identify a problem in your class, conduct action research, propose and solution and get a point. This kind of research is simple. Not the bulky type you do for marks. This is straight to the point. Ten pages of a research paper are enough.
  10. Assess your learners, use the outcome of assessment for intervention, if the intervention produces results, come for a point.

These and other things you do, and before you know it, you’ve gotten more than enough points and in effect, developed yourself professionally.

All these are not extraordinary things but our daily routine. All it’s requiring from you is to participate actively and get evidence for documentation and portfolio building. That’s all. Very easy.