Start a project today and save your future as a young worker

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Many energetic young people picture life to be about physical appearance.

Many energetic young people picture life to be about physical appearance. They plan to undertake a project in an unknown number of years. Some people spend most of their resources on non-beneficial activities which in turn make them lose or waste monies. As a young man who wants to build a brighter future for yourself, you need to start a project today with the meager income you earn either weekly, monthly or yearly. To be able to start a project such as building a house that will later turn to be your home, you need to avoid the following;


Being a fashionista is not a bad idea. It makes you look good physically and enhance your personal development. Actually, people who put on all the latest wears in towns are highly respected by their peers or colleagues around them-it sounds good. You are seen as someone who has no burden at all and well to do (the Ghanaian mentality). Today, most employed ladies and gentlemen will have to buy new clothes every month out of the salaries they earn monthly. For all I know, the most important thing is to dress well-this does not mean you should wear new clothes or change clothes every single day. Ironing your old dresses and putting them on that still looks good will put you on track. remember that the most expensive wear you waste money on today may be an outmoded wear tomorrow.


Enjoyment is very necessary in the life oof every person but too much of everything is considered to be bad. Once in a while, outing can in the form partying is good. There is situation where some individuals especially salary earners party every weekends. Friday become the happiest days in their lives because the weekend has started. But don’t forget these eats into you’re not yet paid salary.


The most dangerous factor among all. As a young guy to be able to put up a build, excessive drinking must be avoided. Most guys take friends to the drinking spot to feed them with drinks. If a bottle of star cost GH5.00, and you do take one bottle every day, how much would you have spent in a month? An amount of GH150.00 Cedis can afford three bags of cement every month. Have you ever imagined this?


Avoid renting expensive apartments. As a single being, getting yourself a single room self-contain will be cool for you. This will help reduce the amount of money spent on rent. The money saved can be invested in your own building.  Always say, no matter how meager your salary or income is, you can put up something on your own. Note that if you rent a room for 10-15 years, you build an additional room for the landlord. You will have to start checking the amount of money you have spent on rent so far.  

Young workers who earn something monthly will have to execute a plan in acquiring a plot of land this year and try their possible the following year to buy some trips of the sand-the journey begins. There is hope, you can be a house owner as a young teacher or a worker (private or public)