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Teachers call for refund of unexplained deductions on 2021 Professional Allowance

All Public schools teachers across Ghana have called on the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) to as a matter of urgency reverse the decision to deduct tax on the 2021 Professional Development Allowance.

“We, the teachers of Ghana Education Service, call on the Controller and Accountant General’s Department(CAGD) to, as a matter of urgency, refund the GH¢100 licensing fee deducted from our yet-to-be-paid November salaries and refund the tax deducted on the 2021 Professional Development Allowance”


A statement shared with Educand Ghana Network also reveals that a whopping amount of GH¢100 has also been deducted by the National Teaching Council (NTC) aside the Two Hundred Ghana Cedis Income Tax deduction on the yet-to-be paid Allowance. This is a clear breach of the 2020 GES collective Agreement signed between the teacher unions, The Ghana Education Service (GES), and the Ministry of Education (MoE) in August 2020.

Additionally, a letter which was issued by the Director-General of the GES, Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amnkwa to fair Wages and Salaries Commission with the Reference Code GES/DG/245/20/429 and dated 19th November 2020, stated that teachers professional allowance is TAX-FREE.


“For the records, last year November, an amount of GH¢100 was deducted from teachers’ salaries as licensing fee yet most teachers across the country have not received their licenses. Besides, the licenses, once received are supposed to be renewed every three years therefore, it is strange to see another deduction for a license we have paid for but not received. Contrary to the agreement not to tax the 2021 teachers Professional Development Allowance, there is an indication that the money to be paid at the end of November has been taxed. ” the statement added.

Teachers in the Ghana Education Sevice (GES) have described the situation as unfortunate and gross disrespect exhibited by the GES, MOE and the NTC hence have called for immediate reversal of all monies deducted from the professional allowance.


“This unfortunate turn of events does not go down well with us, therefore, we call for the immediate reversal of the tax. As teachers, we are the country’s gatekeepers, opening doors to opportunities and possibilities that are beyond the foreseeable horizon. We trigger visions, develop building blocks, and catalyze actions to build the world to come. We, therefore, should be accorded the best of respect when it comes to issues of our remuneration and conditions of service”


  1. Income Tax -GHS 200+
  2. NTC Licensing Fee-GHS100
  3. Laptop Deduction (For Only Newly Trained Teachers)-GHS 509.55

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