Teachers Day: Deteriorating Educational Standards And Policy Reforms

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Year in year out, teachers all over the world recognize October 5 as a designated season to appreciate the teacher and the teaching profession. And this is why a day like this is not exceptional.
However, the teacher who is at the centre of this celebration is not so much interested in the day because of the mistreatments and the challenges that have befallen the profession in recent times.

How can a teacher celebrate when salary arrears, promotion arrears, motor and vehicle maintenance allowances, transfer grants, and upgrading arrears have not been duly and fully paid. You turn parents and students against the teacher and still celebrate teachers’ day?

3 pieces of Chalk a day for Teachers to teach within some districts? (Kwaebibirem District). Teachers promotions stalled. Upgrading has become a tug of war. Teachers buy tools to teach( laptop, chalk, other TLMs).

Indiscipline has engulfed our schools today to the point that the poor performance at the end of the day is attributed to the teacher.

In His speech recently, the 1st gentleman of the nation thinks Teachers are not born to be billionaires and had to do extra works so to make themselves rich.

To the extent that even an old good professor thinks there’s nothing wrong with increasing the salaries of the executive arm of government by whopping bloat by 80% but sees everything wrong with the 4% salary increment for Teachers and says they should have gotten zero?

A nation that prioritises the buying of luxurious jets overpayment of salaries of its citizens…?

Free SHS without classrooms, dormitories, etc?

Delay in releasing the feeding, capitation grants and other subventions for offices etc)

Where there is a new curriculum without textbooks and other relevant materials to teach with?

An educational system that prioritises buying of past questions over textbooks.

A system that priotises grammar schools over Technical and vocational schools.

No clear-cut calendar for the sector?

Eg, portfolio assessment, school calendar, examination periods etc?

Responsibility allowances remain unpaid?

Directors of education are underpaid as compared to their counterparts in health?

The running of educational offices now depends largely on tokens from headteachers and headmasters of basic and secondary schools respectively?

Teachers in remote areas are not prioritized and
No incentives whatsoever.

Unions have also now become rubber stamps for the government and it ineffective policies.

The labour Act gives freedom to Associations to operate but doesn’t allow one to be “Unionless”

Everything about the teacher and education today seems not to be going well.

Celebrating days without action is just a waste of time and resources.

Teacher trainee allowances and student loans are now with lots of challenges.

Well, all said and done, once there’s life there is hope, I wish you all, “a world’s Teachers day.”