Teachers’ fund management to consider a review of interest on loans-GNAT

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Teachers’ fund management to consider a review of interest on loans-GNAT

The Leadership of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has revealed its intentions to review the interest on the teacher fund loans so as to increase access of members. The decision formed part of the resolutions passed by the GNAT National Delegates Conference.

The association has also revealed that the GHs44.50 extra cost being tagged as interest on the laptop brouhaha to be refunded and paid to teachers, probably by the end of February 2022. Also, retirees with 20% upstanding arrears arising from the tier-two pension scheme are to be paid by 31/01/2022.

Additionally, the union has revealed that it will set up a Sweden Ghana Medical Centre (SGMC) foundation committee to study and find out if the amount (GHS5) of the cancer fund would be sufficient to include other diseases like kidney disease. Read More on the Increment of GNAT Cancer Dues and its additional benefits HERE.

GNAT to establish a university at Abankro, Kumasi to be known and called GNAT Institute of Research and Industrial Relations Studies; Teachers fund to digitize operations to the remaining 75 GNAT districts by the close of the year to speed up; Personal, Investment, and Habitat loans of teachers fund increased to GHS 35,000.00, GHS 50,000.00 and GHS 60,000.00 respectfully; Some portions of the GNAT constitution reviewed and amended among many others form part of the resolutions.