Teachers Licensing: Issues that might delay card issuance-correct it Now

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The National Teaching Council has commenced the licensing of teachers and has outlined issues that might delay the issuance of licenses to the teachers at the centre. According to the council individuals who have not completed their registration. As a result of incomplete registration, the 100% threshold on the portal might not be met and this will cause a delay.

Moreover, individuals who have not uploaded all their professional certificates will also have complications with respect to the issuance process. The year of first professional qualification will form part of the license number hence the need to upload it to the portal.

Meanwhile, the NTC has indicted that heads of schools who do not find their school on the portal are instructed to send an email with the official name of the school, the region the school is located in, the district, location, and school levels (KG, Primary, JHS, and SHS) to it@ntc.gov.gh.

Public school teachers without appointment letters can upload a document that shows that the individual has truly been employed by the Ghana Education Service (GES). Persons can therefore upload a transfer letter or an upgrading letter to replace the appointment letter. On the other hand, private school teachers are to demand appointment letters from their employers and upload them on the portal.

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