Teachers salary: Allowances could cater for salary increment-Check them Out

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Teachers salary: Allowances could cater for salary increment-Check them Out

The cry for an increment of salary of teachers always arises because the employer refuses to pay certain allowances due to them. This issue can only be tackled if the government pays heed to the collective agreement for teaching staff within the Ghana Education Service (GES). According to the newly signed agreement between the teacher unions and the GES, if proper remunerations and the working conditions are attended to, there will not always be a call for salary increment by teachers.

The Government after signing this agreement with the unions only end up neglecting their duties. Imagine if the Ghana Education Service honour Section Fifteen of the agreement by paying the following allowances to the ordinary Ghanaian teacher:

  • VEHICLE MAINTENANCE AND KILOMETRIC ALLOWANCES: According to the collective agreement, this allownace is supposed to be paid at an approved rates to all teaching employees of the service who are entitled to to own and who own and use their vehicles in the performance of thier duties as approved by management of GES.
  • NIGHT ALLOWANCE: The service is obliged to pay night allowance to employees on duty outside their duty stations according to approved governement rates when accomodations and meals are not provided. A situation where accomodation and meals are provided, employees shall be paid ut of pocket allowance equivalent to a thrid of the value of the night allowance rate.
  • ALLOWANCE FOR TEACHERS IN DEPRIVED AREAS: It is the duty of the GES to initiate a process in conjunction with the Fair Wages And salaries Commisison (FWSC) to undertake a study in this area and determine the appropriate allowance to be paid.
  • ACTING ALLOWANCE: Where sn employee is made to act in a position by either acting assignment or formal acting appointment, the employee shall be paid acting allowance. No employee shall be asked to act in a positio in which he/she dose not satisfy minimum requirements.
  • RETENTION PREMIUM: Retention premium shall be paid to all teaching employees of the Ghana Education Service as exists.
  • PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Technical/Vocational, Science, ICT and Home Economic teachers shall be provided with protective clothings periodically.
  • ADVANCE TO PURCHASE MEANS OF TRANSORT: Employess of the Ghana Eduaction Service (GES) may be entilted to advances to purchase means of transport in accordance with existing regualation.
  • SALARY ADVANCE: Two months basic salary approved by management may be paid to an employee proceeding on leave which maybe recovered in twelve (12) monthly installments.
  • SPECIAL ADVANCE: The service may grant special advance to memebers of the servcie in the event of verified death of an employee’s father, mother, spouse, child or in the case of theft, fire or such mishap. An employee on application may be considered for not more than two (2) months’ salary advance. Repayment of such advance shall commence after two months grace period ans hsall be spread over a period not exceeding twenty-four (24) months.
  • TRANSFER GRANT: A transfer grant of three (3) months basic salary shall be paid to each member on approveed transfer. An employee shall be paid a transfer grant at the approved rate where the transfer is at the instance of management, provided it is not on desciplinary grounds and the transfer results in change of station as well as movement of household effect.
  • RENT ADVANCE: An advance not exceeding the employee’s basic annual salary may be granted to an employee for the purpose of solving an accomodation problem.
  • ADVANCE FOR THE PURCHASE OF DURABLE HOUSEHOLD GOODS: A loan not exceeding 150% of an employee’s annual gross salary may be granted to cnfirmed employees to purchase furniture any other household appliances. Such loan when granted shall be repaid in not more than eighty-four (84) equal installments.
  • ADDITIONAL DUTY ALLOWANCE: Additional duty allowance is supposed to be paid to an employee who is asked in writing to take additional responsibilty for a position other than his/her own for more than 21 days. An employee shall only take up additional responsibility over a job which is at the same level that he/she is currently holding.
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The above-mentioned allowances are meant to be paid to teaching staff in the GES. If the above are paid duly to the Ghanaian teacher, the demand for salary increment will be minimal.

However, if the Ghana Education Service cannot honour the agreement, then it is high time the Ghanaian teacher start to demand the under-listed allowance.

  1. Allowance for preparing lesson note -(5-10)%of our base pay
  2. Class teacher or master duty allowance which shs teachers are already enjoying- (5-10)% of our base pay
  3. Transportation allowance for teachers -(5-10)%of our base pay
  4. Clothing allowance which other public sector workers are also enjoying -(5-10)% of our base pay
  5. Accommodation allowance for teachers -(5-10) of our base pay
  6. Risk Allowance ( 10 – 15 % ) of our base pay.

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