Teachers storm GNAT headquarters over variance in results -Here is what we know [Shocking]

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The brouhaha surrounding the release of GES February 2021 results seems not to be ending soon. The Ghana Education Service released the promotion results with over 15,000 staff failing. This according to our sources were a lot of inconsistencies as some teachers who initially checked and were successful later were later failed when they rechecked.

On the other hand, some people who failed were later successful and the GES attributed these changes to technical hitches.
However, some aggrieved teachers did not take it on the lighter note by storming the headquarters of the Ghana Education Service to demand what is due of them weeks after the results were released.

A video shared with Educandghana currently shows that earlier this week, these affected teachers have stormed the Ministry of Education and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Headquarters for a clearer interpretation.

According to tour reps, the Ministry told them that it’s our leaders of GNAT who agreed for the re-sit to be conducted in August 2021.

However, the double standard is, it is these same union leaders who cautioned that GES must promote all teachers who had the first text indicating that they have passed but should present their documents at the Headquarters but later told to re-check and the results were that they have failed.

Others were also redirected to their respective regional office and later, some passed and others too failed.
Meanwhile, in all instances of rechecking and going to the Headquarters and regions involved cost bared by the innocent teacher. Who refunds the monies wasted?
Other individuals had accidents on their way to the regions and Headquarters according to our sources.
And this has not only brought additional cost but an embarrassment to many teachers.