TEACHERS’ WOES: Five issues that need urgent attention -Check them

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TEACHERS’ WOES: Five issues which need urgent attention -Check them

The Ghana Education Service (GES) for some months has received backlash from the general public concerning how the education system is being run in the country. This does not only include an infrastructural deficit in schools but also includes the welfare of teachers.

Observations made by Educandghana.net indicate that there are more pressing issues affecting the Ghana Education System which need much urgent attention. If these issues being attended to the basic education school system will continue to be stagnant.

The five issues faced by teachers and the entire education system which needs urgent attention are stated below;


It will interest readers to know that for almost 2 years now, most teachers who duly applied for upgrading to the Principal Superintendent Rank have still not been upgraded. Additionally, teachers who sat for the promotion examinations in February and were successful have still not been placed on their new ranks even though last year, successful teachers were placed on their new ranks in May and June. This is a major contributing factor to the fall of the Ghana Education system since the service does not appreciate the work of teachers. Promoting the teacher shows how much you appreciate his works.


Information gathered indicates that the GES always releases the list of approved subjects for study leave with pay and a list of successful applicants late. The service keeps this list to themselves only to release it at the time many people have already bought their forms. Many are denied the opportunity to further their studies if the course they applied for is not on the approved list. Furthermore, it now takes years for permission to be granted to law-abiding teachers who seek permission to pursue further studies.


Teachers at the basic school mainly primary attended a new curriculum (standard-based curriculum) workshop in 2019. No textbooks were given after the training or workshop in that very year. It will surprise you to know that there are still no textbooks for KG and Primary Schools in Ghana, 2 years after the implementation of the Standard-Based Curriculum, yet past questions have been procured for SHS 3 candidates, who have just a month to complete school.


The Africa Education Watch in a report revealed that there are about 5,000 schools under trees and 4,500 basic schools without Junior High schools’ structures in Ghana. This means that there are more schools are still operating in dilapidated death trap structures with several others under trees in this 21st Century and this needs immediate attention.


Capitation grant is intended to contribute to the day-to-day running costs of schools and consequently should be used to meet the cost of items such as heating, lighting, cleaning, insurance, and general upkeep in schools. However, Capitation grants for school management in Basic schools are in arrears for almost two years. Worst of it all, Headteachers in Basic schools are forced by GES to sign performance contracts even though the right tools and facilities have not been provided to achieve the provisions in the contract.

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