The amazing teacher-Ways to make your students love you

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Students who show love to their teachers by loving their teaching and everything they do in school may be due to certain unique characteristics exhibited by the teacher. Students sometimes despise some teachers whereas other teachers are called upon by students to teach even if it is their period. Have you asked yourself why?

It is every teacher’s dream to be loved by his/her students. Well, this article will throw more light on some of the ways by which students will develop a love for you as a teacher. The following protocols will earn a teacher some love from their students;

SMILE: most teachers frowned their faces with the intention to command respect or show how serious he/she is in school or class. You will definitely achieve your aim but this will shy students away from you. teacher-learner interaction may not exist. Moreover, students will end up failing your subject bang it external or internal because assessing the student formatively may fall in the waters. Students will also develop the fear of asking or answering questions because of the teacher’s strictness.

LISTEN: students do have problems as adults-some will want to share their problems with you because they confide in you. Most children or students mostly trust their teachers even more than their parents or guardians. So, don’t you want to give that student a listening ear? – they want to share their stories with everyone but they will mainly share it the one that takes time to listen to their stories being it sense or nonsense. At this juncture, a teacher who wants to be loved by his/her students needs to stop whatever you are doing and take time to look them in their eyes and give value to whatever being spewed by the student.

ASK: This is where you take interest in knowing the wellbeing of the student’s family of the student. As a teacher, once in a while, you can show interest in their family or anything about them to prove that you actually care about them. Be their audience of one and let them know you are much concerned about what is going on in their lives. They will love you for that.

BE APPROACHABLE: in the school where you teach, haven’t you seen that students are always over one particular teacher? Have you asked yourself why? Most students always want to know if whether they can come to you and share their problems or talk to you. The moment they realize that you are opened and a free teacher, they develop that bond of relationship by sharing their issues with you. Some teachers may argue that they aren’t counselors but teachers-don’t forget that Amazing teachers wear many hats. Be approachable, they will love you for that.

STAY IN CONTROL: as a teacher, you need to yell in class out of anger o frustration. When this happens it’s like burning a bridge between the teacher and the students. This when students will make you more upset and frustrate you. Students take note when a teacher remains calm even when the class is loud. It is evident that teachers who stay calm and I control even in the middle of the chaos in the classroom are the hallmark of an amazing teacher. Staying in control as a teacher will make your students love you for that.

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