The recent public outburst on the issue of the gays and the lesbians

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And Sir Pen writes on and on..
The recent public outburst on the issue of the gays and the lesbians has really called for me to pen down these few words of mine.
I have listened to many people who are in top positions supporting them and others speaking highly against them. One thing that drew my attention was the rate at which people were saying it is their right to do what they feel like doing. Wow..! Do you call this a right? When a human being has decided to do what animals do not do? We have a society with social norms that we value, with cultural practices that we cherish. This right of gay and lesbian has never been part of it. If we sit and call such thing as right then it means that our society is dead. Our generation is dead and the human race will be in extinction years to come. But should we call everything humans feel like doing a right? If that is the case why do we have people in prisons ? Because am beginning to think that it is also their right to steal or ?
If we will sit and allow people from a land that has no ”manners” to decide what is right or left (wrong) to us, a day will come when human flesh would be sold in an open market since it would become people right to eat human flesh. Since it would become people’s right to sell their children to slaughter houses for them to be used for food all in the name of right. How can we give so much attention to the human rights and forget so much about the human beings?
To God and country I write this, though I don’t want to sound so biblical on this issue with the same practices that people are calling right in the story of Sodom and Gomora, I will like to look at what is written in the book of Colossians 2:8 amplified version of the Bible: it is advisable to see to it no one or nothing carries you off as you make yourself captive by the so-called philosophy and intellectualism and vein deceit-following human traditions and following the rudimentary and elemental teachings of the universe disregarding the teachings of christ.

If I may ask, where were these right craving beings when the same of such people took our forefathers for animals and used them like donkeys… there are a lot of evidential truth that these people who are instigating these things as right have never and would never like us as Africans and they would do whatever they can to ruin our lives and take our countries and send us back to mental slavery. The Bible quote above has warned us. So let’s be mindful and do what is mindful.
“Is every right right ?”