This Month: Here is why Salary arrears of public workers were not paid

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This Month: Here is why Salary arrears of public workers were not paid

Following various corrections made by the controller and accountant general, the arrears payments of numerous public sector employees who received promotions in January were withheld.

Many employees in the public sector reportedly received promotions and upgrading to higher ranks, according to information allegedly released by the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD). As a result, a salary change was necessary to reflect the new ranks.

Computation of 30% and salary Adjustment for Newly ranked Staff

The Ghanaian government increased the base pay percentage for employees in the public sector by 30% in the same month (January), resulting in a double calculation and input.

Date for Payment of 2023 Salary Arrears of Public Sector Workers in Ghana>>Here

Given the short notice, the CAGD was expected to submit the aforementioned information so that payment would reflect the same month.

Did the input reflect during the payment of salaries?

The Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (ESPV) portal’s salary validation procedures took the CAGD’s input into account. The government has not, however, paid the sum of money that was shown on the portal during validation. This was confirmed after banks started to credit the accounts of workers who were upgraded or promoted.

Have the Ranks of Promoted Staff Changed?

Although arrears were not paid, all staff members who received promotions have been given their proper ranks. This indicates that the affected employees’ new rank and pay will be applied to them.

When will the arrears of promoted staff be paid?

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