Protection Status login-Teacher Portal Ghana

NTC login-Teacher Portal Ghana

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has set up the Teacher Portal Ghana ( to enable teachers’ login to register, check the progress, and renew the licenses.

The TPG portal is mainly to address the concerns of teachers in both the private and the public sectors.


The NTC TPG Login portal mainly cater for the following;

  1. Registration of teachers
  2. Organizational registration
  3. Teacher login
  4. Organizational login
  5. Student login
  6. District Directors of education Login
  7. Portfolio assessor login

One of the fundamental aims of the NTC TPG is to enable teachers to register for their licenses. The license which will replace the teachers’ registered number has a 3-year validity period upon which it will be renewed. Teachers who have not registered are urged to follow the link HERE to register.


Apart from teachers being able to register on the NTC portal, organizations such as developmental trainers, service providers, and teacher training are able to register. These organizations work with the NTC to improve teacher professionalism by organizing in-service training workshops for teachers. Organizations interested in liaising with the NTC to boost teachers’ professionalism should register using the link HERE.


Teachers are urged to login to the NTC TPG portal to check their registration progress and their accumulated points from time to time. Teachers who have received their license are still encouraged to monitor their NTC TPG Login dashboard since the renewal of the license will be based on how one has accumulated CPD points over the years. Use this link to login to your NTC TPG to check your status now. Teachers who have already registered but have not received their license yet are urged to check their status HERE


Organizational login is another service hosted by the NTC TPG. As discussed above, organizations in collaboration with the council can access the portal by clicking HERE.


Students from the University of Cape Coast (UCC), University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Valley View University (VVU), and University of Ghana (UG) have currently been migrated onto the NTC TPG to enable their login. Students will need their index number and passwords given to them by their universities to enable them to login. Use the link HERE.


District directors of education can also login to the NTC TPG by using the link HERE. Email address and a password is required to gain access.


The NTC accesses newly trained teachers before they are fully qualified as trained teachers. In line with this, the council has nominated certified portfolio accessors/evaluators to handle all assessment processes. Portfolio accessors can login to the NTC TPG from HERE


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