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UCC 3-SEM: Guidelines for filling the off-campus teaching form

UCC has released guidelines to enable students offering the 3-semester programme to fill the off-campus teaching practice form accurately.

Considering the request by Institute, UCC for Sandwich programme students to fill an online google form for off-campus teaching practice, students, especially the 3-semester students, are urged to take note of the following:

  • The form must be filled out by all students (i.e. Cohort 1), whether or not you are National Service Personnel.
  • Your choice of school for practice is not limited to only schools within and around your study center. Choose from among schools within the listed town by Institute which are closer to your place of work (that’s if you are an in-service teacher).
  • Type only the course you are studying as the ‘Major and Minor’ subject column. Example: SOCIAL STUDIES.
  • National Service personnel must fill out the form for now. Note that the Institute will give room for you to change your schools after your postings before the start of the practice. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE FORM

We will keep updating you in case of any further development.


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