UCC 3-SEM: Students should take note of this vital info before they report to campus

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Students are expected to return to their various study centres to continue with the first session of their first-semester program organized by the School of Educational Development and Outreach of the University of Cape Coast.

According to the new schedule, students are urged to report to school on 17th April 2021 and depart on 30th April 2021.

No student is to report earlier or later than the stated date.
The two weeks stay on campus will have students get a week revision and the next for examination.
Meanwhile, both the first and second cohorts of students are to report to campus to write the exams.

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However, Students are to note that those who made part payment of the fees will not be allowed to write the exam until full payment (GH¢2,000) has been done.
Therefore, it will be appropriate for every student to report to campus with their fees receipt for clarifications.

Meanwhile, there may likely slight changes in matters relating to accommodation as there may be changes. Students will be given new rooms as they report and as usual, the Nursing Mothers will have their block.

Nursing mothers especially have to prepare in advance since they may pay extra charges in terms of utility, accommodation, and feeding payment.

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