UCC 5-SEM: Students should take note of this urgent info before reporting, New reporting Date, et al

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The coordinators of the five Semester sandwich Programme across various study centres after meeting with the student leadership and other senior members have deliberated on when students should report to campus.

Students who plan to report to campus on the same day date with the one-year top-up students should hold on. No Five-Semester continuing students are to report on 17th April with the one-year top-up students.

Information gathered by Educandghana indicates that the Colleges are currently congested with its regular students who are expected to leave the campus early next week.

The Student leadership in the various campuses in collaboration with their Center Coordinators will make sure that proper allocation is done for everyone to get a comfortable place to stay for the exams. Therefore students especially the ladies should not rush to their campuses in the name of securing a place.

Students are urged to comply with the above-stated directives.  However, when the regular students finally take their leave, the various center coordinators and SRC leadership will make arrangement for all students to report to campus on or before 24th April 2021

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