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UCC 5 SEM: Students who have not received their admission & registration messages should take note

The institute began issuing admission messages to qualified persons who have been admitted to the University to offer the above-mentioned programme about a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile, not students have received the said messages. Individuals who have not gotten the admission message are to follow these procedures to enable them to print out their admission letters.

  1. Log on to the admission portal of UCC- CLICK HERE
  2. Search for your name using using first name only, surname only, programme only, OR a combination of any of them.
  3. Check through the list that pops up to find your name.
  4. Continue the process using different options till you find your name.
  5. Click on print and enter your admission reference number to save it in PDF format and print it out.
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On the other hand, students who have received the admission message but without a registration number and password are urged to follow the steps below

UCC 5 SEM ADMISSION /REGISTRATION OF COURSES: Follow these steps to request an instant registration number and password.

  1. Go to the Admission list portal-CLICK HERE
  2. Click on the Find Registration number.
  3. Key in your reference number (can be found on your print out)
  4. Enter your Date of birth and click on submit
    They will send the index number on the same page,if you have really paid
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