Union offices to be shut down-Aggrieved Public Sector Workers threaten

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4% Salary Increment: Union offices across Ghana to be closed down-Aggrieved Public Sector Workers

The Leadership of the Aggrieved Public Sector Workers has cautioned that all union offices across the country will be closed down if nothing is done heard about leaderships’ position on the issue of salary negotiations.

A statement issued by the lead convenor for the coalition, Mr Norbert Gborgbortsi, and sighted by Educandghana.net reveals that a timeline was given to the organized labour to reconvene a meeting with the government and renegotiate the 4% salary increment but the leadership is adamant and is bent on perpetuating illegality by forcing members to accept the percentage increment.

“The leadership which is supposed to be law-abiding is doing otherwise whilst the members rather turn to be law-abiding”, he added.

Norbert Gborgbortsi has however sent a word of caution by reiterating that if by 11th of August 2021, nothing is heard about the leaderships’ position on the issue of renegotiations, members across the country will have no option other than to close down all Union offices until further notice.

He also asserted that the leadership of the various unions pay themselves very fat salaries to the extent of increasing their allowances to a minimum of 100%.

“We are reliably informed that the various leaders have recently increased their allowances to a minimum of 100%, some with effective date backdated to 2020 and arrears paid in full”

“If you can spend and pay yourselves handsomely but will refuse to let us have what is due us from the government, we will be left with no option than to close all Union office across the nation before our pending national demonstration scheduled to take place on the 18th of August 2021

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