UPDATE: Base pay negotiations

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The negotiation for the 2021 base pay commenced in March, 2021.

Information intercepted by Educandghana.net indicates that negotiations halted for the Tripartite Committee to determine the minimum wage for 2021 as the new minimum wage will form the basis upon which the Base Pay will be determined.

The minimum wage has not been determined yet as negotiation is still ongoing and will finally be determined by the middle of May 2021.

Thus, Base Pay negotiation will resume afterward and completed by end of May 2021.

However, while we keep the Ghanaian workers updated, we will not relent in our efforts to ensure that every little bit of update is made available to our readers.


The Coalition of Concerned Teachers has demanded that negotiations concerning the 2021 base pay be completed by the end of May, as new taxes take effect.
According to the group, any further delay will make teachers worse off.

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