Update on GES promotions: Higher-ranking staff must take note.

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Update on GES promotions: Higher-ranking staff must take note.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has assured teachers who qualified to be promoted that it will surely put everyone on the right salary scale. The latest update about GES higher-ranking promotions can be found below.

Information gathered by Educandghana.net reveals that there are about 5,000 outstanding upper promotions for both teaching and non-teaching staff of the GES yet to be effected in the coming months.

The GES has assured teachers who passed the February aptitude test but have not been placed on the right salary scale or rank that all promotion processes will be completed at the next payroll window.

The service has indicated that from October 27, 2021, to November 3, 2021, all issues related to promotions will be solved completely.

The GES has urged teaching and non-teaching staff to exercise patience as the service is committed to mechanising the promotion of every qualified staff member.


The Ghana Education Service (GES) in July 2021 released the aptitude test results of higher-ranked staff in the GES.
The ranks included the principal superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I, and Deputy Director.

Qualified people who have passed the exams are being put on their right scale or rank in bits.
According to the GES, the new development is due to the pandemic outbreak, which has had a negative impact on the country’s economy. The government was unable to pay all of the teachers who were promoted at the same time due to this circumstance.

Those who were lucky enough to be placed on the right scale in August, September, and October, on the other hand, were able to enjoy the fruits of their labour while others are still vying for it.

The latest update about the GES promotions of teaching and non-teaching staff, especially higher ranking, is that all qualified people will be promoted by November 2021.