Uploading of Ghana Card on CAGD System-Check Details

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Uploading of Ghana Card on CAGD System-Check Details

The Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) has directed that all Government of Ghana (GoG) employees upload their Ghana cards to the Third Party Referencing System (TPRS) to enhance third-party operations.

A statement dated 18th April 2023 and signed by the Deputy Controller And Accountant General, WIsdom Komlan Messan indicates that all transactions with a black and white photocopy of the Ghana card of GoG employees are being queried hence do not meet the criteria of eligible documents for approval.

The controller general has revealed that the business process for a successful transaction on the third-party referencing system requires that a GoG employee generates a mandate with an OTP and presents it to the Third Party Institution (TPI) with a valid Ghana card to be uploaded. The CAGD has noted that the image to be uploaded should be coloured as this will help to reduce impersonation.

However, it has urged all third-party institutions to as a matter of urgency comply with the current directive and all business processes to reduce fraudulent activities. The department has set 30th June 2023 as the deadline for the above directive.