Urgent: UCC 3 & 5 Semester Change of Study Centres-What Students Must Do

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Urgent: UCC 3 & 5 Semester Change of Study Centres-What Students Must Do

The School of Educational Development and Outreach Institute of Education, under the Management of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), has altered the study centres for the August/September 2022 sandwich sessions for both five and three semesters.

According to information shared with Educandghana.net, the changes do not only affect fresh students but also continuing students who are offering bachelor’s degree programmes in the sandwich mode.

The institute has explained that the reassigning of new study centres is due to space constraints due to changes.

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Students are therefore urged to note that new registration numbers and new halls of affiliation will be sent through SMS due to the changes made to enable them to print their admission letters.

However, regarding fees, the institute has given students a concession of at least 70% before reporting to their various study centres.

How Much is the UCC 3 & 5 Semester Fees?

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Students admitted into the UCC 3 (three) semester programme will pay an admission fee of GHS 2,400, whereas 5-semester sandwich students will pay an amount of GHS 2,250.

Students offering French and Science will pay an extra GHS 50.00 for the admission fees.

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New Study Centres for UCC 3&5 Semester Sandwich

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