WASSCE 2021: Teachers blame CSOs for the rising of indiscipline among students

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WASSCE 2021: Teachers blame CSOs for the rising of indiscipline among students

Teachers have blamed Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the high rate of indiscipline demonstrated by 2021 WASSCE students.

They have been reports which confirm that some final year students displayed their indiscipline attitude towards school authorities to the extent of burning school blocks. Others have also attacked teachers and invigilators who try to correct them.

However, one of the most widely-known Civil Society Organizations called Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch) has received several backlashes from the teachers after the organization urged the Ghana Education Service and other educational stakeholders to take immediate action.

Some concerned teachers have admonished that aside the many good advocacies the above CSO champion, they suddenly find everything wrong with the same system that made them.

“Some of us, who teach in the secondary schools are not surprised in the least. Do you know why? Aside the many good advocacies you and your outfit, of which I admire so much, undertake, you’ve suddenly found everything wrong with the same system that made you. I can bet you, none of your research is detailed enough on the reality of today’s Senior High School students. Why not take a teaching job in one of the schools, and experience the reality for a term, at least, instead of the domestic reports you receive in the comfort of your air-conditioned office. The reality however is that all those advocating for child right, child left, child this, this is wrong, no child should be treated like this and that (I am not making room for the excesses) haven’t seen anything yet. Painfully, those who champion this moral decay will have their wards better schooled in well-established institutions. Kofi Asare (Executive Director of Africa Education Watch), I admire you but just like the Minister of Education will visit PRESEC and claim all is well with the FSHS, instead of spending time in grade B and C schools to ascertain for himself reality, some of the things you champion will come back and eat society up”

Many have argued that when students’ rights are being championed without their responsibilities, indiscipline will be promoted to its apex. Teachers who have so far expressed their thoughts about the recent rise of indiscipline among students have revealed that civil society organizations such as the Eduwatch have contributed to the over-pampering of these students.

“The answer is with the over-pampered children some of you are helping us breed in this country. The importation of certain behaviours to mean that humans are the same everywhere. The children are just claiming their rights. Let’s read the disciplinary tools book approved by GES to them”, a teacher wrote.

“Human rights have entered the educational sector too. We, African children, fear cane. GES also caution teachers for that matter headmasters about disciplining students some days ago. You can’t climb and swim at the same time. The education system is totally down: morally, spiritually, and physically. If you like, let’s conduct a small study. I can tell you that some SHSs are still on the old path, hence produces better students. There is more job threatening letters to the schools than, educational development letters.
Stay blessed!”