When will the 2022/2023 GES Promotion Exams Registration Start?-Check

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Have you ever wondered when the first edition of the 2022/2023 GES Promotion exams will start? Many staff are worried as to when the management of the Ghana Education Service will open the portal for qualified applicants to register for the promotion exams.

In this article, we will capture the following;

The requirements for the 2022/2023 GES Promotion Exams; the date for the reopening of the GES promotion portal; procedures for the registration of GES promotion exams; How to get access to solved GES promotion exams’ past questions; Areas to study for upcoming GES aptitude test.

Qualifications/Requirements for GES Promotion Exams

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has laid down principles that staff must meet before they can apply for the 2022/2023 promotion exams. Individuals who do not meet these requirements may not be able to register or apply for this year’s aptitude test.

To see the requirements for this year’s GES promotion test, kindly read this ARTICLE. However, qualified staff are required to pre-know the details or information that will be needed when filling out the promotion forms on the promotion portal. This will help prevent petty-petty mistakes during the actual application process.

Procedures for the Registration of GES Promotion Exams

  • Fill the online application form
  • Upload a passport size photograph
  • Upload only the last promotion letter/upgrading/appointment letter
  • Upload only a masters/doctorate degree certificate when using it.
  • All documents uploaded must e in a PDF Format with the exception of passport photographs.
  • The completed application must be uploaded on the GES promotion portal before the given deadline.
  • Please note: Failure to comply will result in outright disqualification.

Areas to Study For Upcoming GES aptitude Test

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has outlined the areas for candidates to study for the upcoming promotion exams. Qualified candidates who will be applying for this year’s aptitude test should follow this LINK to take note of the areas.

How to get access to solved GES promotion exams past questions

As part of the measures put in place to help qualified candidates pass their GES promotion exams, Educandghana.net has uploaded the past questions for the perusal of the general public. Follow the LINK to download samples of the past questions.

Date for Writing 2023 GES Promotion Exams

The GES has sheduled 28th February and 1st March 2023 as the days for wirting the first editon of aptitude test in 2023. Find out more about index numbers and exams centres>>>Here