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Gone are the days where students used to show respect to their teachers in school but no one knows what went wrong. Students of today see teachers be their co-equal hence do not regard the teacher. There are lots of factors that contribute to this unfortunate circumstance. Who should be blamed?

Everyone has got a role to play in bringing up the student or child. The parents, teachers, and peers also have an influence on their lives as well. But what I have realized is in most cases the society blames the teacher which is wrong. Charity they say, “begins at home” therefore if the child is pampered at home even if he/she goes wrong, then the same attitude that was not rebuked by the parent is likely to be repeated in school. Also, instead of parents correcting their own child who breaches the rules and regulations governing the house, they will rather carry this child to the teacher and hand him/her over to the teacher for discipline to be meted out to the student. This is wrong-if you the parent can’t handle your child, how can the teacher handle him/her. This usually occurs in rural areas where education is very low.

Fast forward, in reality, some parents back their daughters to health centers for family planning. What are you injecting into the mind of the girl-child?  You as a parent supporting your daughter who is a student at the basic or second cycle level is going to do the girl more harm than good. You have given her the go-ahead to do what adults do and as result, the disadvantages may overweigh the advantages.

On the other hand, teachers should be sometimes be blamed for the defiant behavior put up by students. it is good for a teacher to develop good relationships with their students. the moment the relationship becomes amorous, it becomes a major cause of deviant behaviors by students. teachers who develop such relationships with their students end up being disrespected by students.  This behavior from students does not only apply to the teacher in question but is sometimes extended to other staff since these students are of the notion that all the teachers exhibit the same character.

Peers also contribute to the defiant behavior displayed by students. students of the same age and sex talk a lot when they meet, they learn to form each other and share ideas. The moment they decide to learn to form a peer who has some kind of rude behavior or attitude, then the spirit of deviancy becomes the order of the day.

Parents, teachers and friends all contribute to the deviancy of students – one party cannot be blamed for the defiant behaviors exhibited by our students in schools or classroom.