Why choose NAGRAT over other unions and how to become a member

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Why choose NAGRAT over other unions? How to become a member

One of the most prosperous teacher unions in the teaching profession is the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT). Prior to a few years ago, NAGRAT only accepted teachers with a degree certificate, but as of recent years, all professionally qualified teachers from both colleges of education (CoE) and universities are eligible to join.

According to the scant information EducandGhana.Net has on this union, NAGRAT is the teacher union that is very concerned about its members’ struggles with promotions, CAGD issues, financial supports, etc.
Financial assistance for members comes more quickly than you may anticipate. There are no paperwork requirements because the NAGRAT membership portal is used for all operations.

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Every union member has access to this portal as long as they can prove their membership via a payslip.
As a result, there are many more benefits that NAGRAT members can make use of.

How to Become a NAGRAT Member

To become a NAGRAT member, one needs to have a staff ID, done with biometric registration, being validated by their management unit, and register for the Epayslip.

After registration, log in to your portal and move to the field on your portal named “CHANGE OF ASSOCIATION.” Select that field and select the National Association of Graduate Teachers.

After that is done, on the next download of the payslip for the following month, the teacher union will be changed to NAGRAT automatically.

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Every teacher who has earned a diploma or degree from an approved institution, been granted a provisional license, and been certified by the national teaching council (NTC) after completing their tests is qualified to join NAGRAT and profit from its advantages.

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Benefits of Being a NAGRAT Member

  • NAGRAT is the only Union that pays part of the bills for members with critical illnesses Eg. Major surgery.
  • NAGRAT treats its members, spouse, and children who have cancer free without deducting cancer dues on their payslip.
  • NAGRAT doesn’t increase members due yearly when salaries are increased.
  • NAGRAT is the only union that allows members access to partial withdrawal from their mutual fund.
  • The leadership of NAGRAT visits its members at least twice in the academic year irrespective of where the school is located.
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