Why Every Ghanaian Teacher Must Get a Passport and Vamoose

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Why Every Ghanaian Teacher Must Get a Passport and Vamoose

As of the time of writing this report:

A bag of cement moved from 40-45 cedis in January 2022 to 90-95 cedis.

The price of a Dash 5 motorbike, moved from 6500-7000 cedis in the first quarter of 2022 to 15000-16000. Similarly, a 125 Royal motorbike, moved from 4000-4500 to 8500-9000 cedis.

The price of secondhand Japanese bicycles, which used to be the only source of transport for teachers in rural Ghana moved from 400-450 to 800 cedis.

As the prices for everyday goods saw a minimum of a 100% hike, the salary of the Ghanaian teacher was increased by a paltry 30% plus tax.

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They prevailed upon us to manage with the 30% as the government’s coffers were empty. In their bid to prove to the Ghanaian worker that the government was indeed broke, they placed a deceitful ban on recruitment in the public sector, and widely circulated it just to gain the trust of Ghanaian teachers.

However, immediately labour accepted the offer, Government’s coffers, was miraculously credited with money, and every agency of government right from the Ghana Education Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Health Ministry, etc., began a massive recruitment drive. In fact, GES was so desperate for employees that it had to reduce the minimum teaching requirement from a degree to a diploma in order to recruit as many teachers as possible.
This is the dummies the Finance Ministry in collaboration with Labour has succeeded in turning us into.

I’m now convinced more than ever that, there’s a deliberate ploy to keep the Ghanaian teacher in perpetual poverty.

Dear young teacher, get your passport! They’re a lot of teaching opportunities not just in the UK. The Gulf nations have mouthwatering opportunities for teachers, and they have better conditions of service than even the West. In fact, Teachers from the UK and US are migrating to the Gulf enmassed.
DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ONLINE, then get your cover letter, resume, CV, etc., apply, and vamoose!

CREDIT: Abdul Mumin Adunbarin