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Why the delay in releasing a list of approved subjects for study leave with pay/list of successful applicants-ITN quizzes GES

According to the Informed Teachers Network (ITN), it is amazed at the decision always taken by the service since it leads to applicants becoming confused as to which subject areas have been approved. The Teachers’ Network has gone ahead to indicate that the service is fully aware of the subject areas and the amount of investment plan yet the management of GES keeps it to themselves only to release it at the last hour.

“GES is fully aware that teachers buy forms in attempts to further their Education every academic year. They conduct surveys and know which subject areas why would be investing in or granting study leave for. Sadly, they keep it to themselves only to release it when many people have already bought their forms already. If lack is not on your side, the course you applied for won’t be on the list”

The network further lamented that students who gain admission into their choice of university may end not knowing their fate because they may not know whether they have been granted the study leave or not. Due to this circumstance, many people make payment of admission fees and book hostels in anticipation of the list only to be disappointed. Meanwhile, these monies are non-refundable.

Teachers who however take the laws into their own hands are threatened.

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“When these teachers also take the law into their own hands, they sit in their office and be issuing threats. I don’t want to go into the details but those who will understand will understand. This is easily avoidable”, they added.

They however blamed the Director-General of GES, Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwa for work overload and urged him to delegate some duties to the various Regional, Municipal and District Directors of Education.

“The Director-General has overloaded himself with all the work. He doesn’t trust his Regional, Municipal and District Directors to do the right thing hence the centralization of everything which is causing undue delays”

The ITN has therefore recommended that:
Before universities start opening admissions, release the subject areas. Before they start issuing admission letters, release the list of successful applicants.
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