single spine salary structure

To some of my colleagues, it came as a shocker. Some considered that as reckless.

How on earth could a president tell his employees that, the path you have chosen is a blessed one, that is a more meaningful way to contribute to the nation building. To impact what you have gained through hard work and studies. Yes, we appreciate you as teachers. The country is dead without your efforts.

But the truth and the reality is, it will take a miracle for you to be a millionaire with that noble and important profession.(His excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo- paraphrased)

I bacame sad upon the prima facie of that honest voice. But on a deeper and insightful delibration and meditation on those words, I came to love the president the more.

Why loving Nana Addo but not hating him?

  1. Upon listening to the audio the second time, I decided to calculate with all necessary adjustments made, my salary from now till I retire. It was not even nearer to half a million Ghana cedis.
  2. I then decided to quantify and add all my assets. I still could not reach the million cedi mark.
  3. I therefore made a comparative analysis of my age and school mates who have been fortunate to be in business and entrepreneurship.
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Jack, some are millionaires. Asabi Boakye owns a mansion at an advantageous place in Kumasi. He owns a business whiles I have a lot of books in my shelves.

Though I have two bicycles with one faulty, he rides is a Mercedes at his age.
So the president is right.

Whiles I am still thinking of how to deliver the next days lessons, he is busily thinking of how to come out with the next product.

I use the weekends to write my lesson plan, though I am always in arrears since this activity is boredom in teaching.
But Asabi uses his weekends to plan on how he will open the next branch.
No wonder he is a millionaire and I’m not.

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I depend on a single stream of monthly repetitive income. He pay people out of his multiple streams of income.

I’m an employee and he is an employer. How can I ever become a millionaire?
The president is right.

I have been cowardice for many years even when that little voice is calling on me to start my own business but for the fear of the uncertainty in the future, I am stagnated in my teaching profession.

Then, I quickly researched ” how to become a millionaire”.

To my surprise, teaching under GES is not part of the variety of ways.

From Google to Petal search, that which I pride myself in as my profession is not a way to become a millionaire.

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What a bitter truth has Nana Addo laid bare to some of us.

He has awaken the entrepreneurs in us. He is has frankly indicated to us that we can do some other things to complement our professional teaching if we want to become millionaires.

I wish Nana will live so long to admire some of us becoming millionaires because of this statement of truth he said when he met some of our leadership.

Let’s rise as teachers and proof to the whole world that we are also capable of becoming millionaires.

Let’s change the status quo. We can equally ride in the Mercedes and the Ferraris. Bugatti and the private jets are also within our reach but not when we are stacked in the classrooms.

Gideon Okyere Darko Writes
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